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Hi Debbie, Happy Monday morning to you!! I came out to watch Isabella last Wednesday & Paul did the lesson with her. I just gotta say, and not that you already don’t know but…he is amazing. So calm, reassuring, funny and just plain great to be around!!! I also met Cecilia, and then Brian popped in too! What a hoot!! We are very fortunate to be surrounded by such awesome people!!!!
I had a wonderful time at Heartland yesterday! I rode Eddie this time and fell in love with this gentle, patient creature. Of course I’m slow (which makes Eddie and me a good pair) and my legs need lots of tuning but just being able to get up on his back and meander around was a joy! I really enjoy the grooming and prep, too, because it gives me a chance to connect with the horse and give him hugs and kisses.
Hi Debbie, I wanted to say what a great success the Halloween Party was on Saturday! Isabella & Alex had a blast. I heard there were lots of happy people and great fun was had by all. Kudos to you, Paul, Brian, Mark & the rest of your amazing crew for an outstanding job well done!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much. You have been such a huge factor in helping my daughter achieve her goal of riding again. She adores you and really sees you as a mentor. Your calm nature, patience and kindness are true gifts.
Thank-you very much for your time and commitment to the summer camp program. Joseph had a wonderful time this past week and I was very impressed with how much he learned!!
Great to hear about the funds raised for a cause in need at Camp Bucko! Our whole family had a fantastic time. Our niece is really looking forward to attending your camp in late July, it will be her first time on a horse!
You are one super business/community-minded lady and your equestrian centre is so impressive! Loved it and loved the afternoon!
Congratulations to you, your family, staff and friends for a great job. Well done! Hugs
Sunday was my daughter and niece’s first experience on a horse and they loved the lessons!! Thanks so much to both Debbie and Rachel for making the girls time great and all your help!
I really enjoy the positive, supportive and welcoming environment at Heartland Equestrian.
Absolutely awesome place, simply love it!!The staff and horses are beautiful! It’s a great place to be. Thank you Heartland, you taught me to fly.
Absolutely love this place! Its seriously a happy place! if you're looking for nice relaxing lessons this is the place to be! the positivity is great!! Look for the WINE & RIDES those are so much fun if you dont want to take lessons! Of course riding is first on the list!