Welcome to Heartland Equestrian

Heartland Equestrian is a 47 acre Equestrian and Event Centre minutes north of Whitby in the little hamlet of Ashburn, Ontario in the Durham Region and a dream come true for owner Debbie Williams. A long-time resident of Whitby and active figure in the local community, Debbie supports many local charities through events at the farm.  An advocate for supporting local businesses and the community, Debbie eagerly shares her love of horses and the fulfilling relationships we gain through interacting with these animals.

Our Staff

Debbie Headshot
Debbie Williams, B.A., B.Ed.

Debbie has loved horses her whole life and spent many hours as a child drawing barns and horses with her friends, imagining the day when she would have a horse stable of her own. She named her imaginary barn Heartland, for “land of my heart”.  Her love of all things equine deepened in 2010 when she purchased Heartland. A decade later Debbie’s love for horses is as strong as ever.  She loves sharing the magic of horses and the beauty of Heartland!

Hayley Van Tienen, B.A. (Hons)
Head Coach

Hayley is our amazing Head Coach and is super talented. She has a B.A. (Hons), Psychology with a minor in philosophy from Trent University and an all-consuming love of horses. Hailey started riding at the age of 3 and owned her first pony when she was just six.  She spent much of her youth successfully competing. Hailey’s experience working and riding at multiple equestrian facilities has given her a wealth of knowledge to share with her Heartland students.

Kim Farrant
Office Manager

Kim has been working with Debbie in her numerous entrepreneurial enterprises for over thirty years. Since the inception of Heartland in 2010 she has worked tirelessly to organize lesson schedules, camp registrations, payments, merchandise sales and event bookings to ensure everything runs smoothly at Heartland.

The Farm

Located on the stunning Oakridges Moraine, in Durham Region,  Heartland is a 49 acre farm surrounded with walking and riding trails that are idyllic for nature walks and getting back in touch with our roots. With several large field areas the farm offers plenty of space for events, outdoor and indoor activities in every season.  Our stable provides extra-large 12’ x 12’ box stalls, multiple pastures and a large covered arena so we can enjoy riding and events in every kind of weather. A 2000 sq. foot loft and 1500 sq. ft. upper barn provide areas for community events or rentals and provides a uniquely rustic setting for parties our wedding photography shoots.

Our Horses

We have a total of nine horses to accommodate novice to experienced riders. Our horses are calm, very used to people and lessons and are super patient with new riders. Come meet the gang.

Van likes to take things nice and slow which means he is perfect for our nervous riders Van is a gentle cuddler and truly appreciates his human friendships.

Monty is our gentle giant. His favourite snack is applesauce and he loves our scratches.

Munchkin is a spunky little guy who loves to cuddle. Despite his little legs, Munchkin loves to run with his larger horse friends. Known for being a little guy with a giant heart, and he will always accept Heartland hugs.

Dakota is the newest member of the herd. He is a beautiful Appaloosa who is eager to meet the Heartlanders!

Lily is a strong-minded and soft-hearted pony. Nicknamed ‘Silly Lily” because she always makes us laugh, Lily has a bright personality and a loving energy perfectly complimented with a little bit of spunk.

Nevada, with a heart of gold and a level of patience we can all aspire to Nevada is one of our “babysitters” for new and nervous riders. Calm, cool and collected under pressure, we know we can trust her to take care of any rider.

Twister is a youngster who is still learning the ropes. Twister is always trying to get his paddock mates to play and loves when humans come to visit him! If you have a carrot, he will definitely be your best friend.

Jiminy is a spunky and light-footed horse, and it is easy to mistake him for a cloud when you ride him Curious, intuitive and friendly, this beautiful bay is easy to fall in love with.

Bella’s size doesn’t stop her from keeping the herd in check. Bella is perfectly happy to be groomed and loved by all our visitors.

Hello Friends!

Thank you for your interest in Heartland. We are temporarily not accepting new students for lessons or camp. Thank you!