Hello to all Heartland friends and family.

An update on our Claudia.

What to say, how to say it properly and do justice to her at the same time is almost impossible but…

It is with an extremely heavy heart (and a non stop flow of tears) that we have to let everyone know that we lost Claudia this afternoon.

After months and weeks of her always happy, joyful demeanour, and her predictable, excited 'whinny' greeting of "Hello – I'm here waiting for you – where the 'hell have you been, and where are my treats" as soon as she caught sight of our car coming up the road and always in response to my bad yodel call to her… my BIG GIRL let us know today that she had had enough.

Over the past few days the cancer had progressed to a stage where she was obviously not comfortable, could not eat properly, and bleeding became excessive and almost uncontrollable. And for anyone who knew her – she just wasn't the happy, joyful, excited girl that I (we) loved.

TRULY the hardest decision I've ever had to make, but I did not want / could not see her suffer any more – no matter how selfishly I wanted her to stay.

She hopefully felt that she had had an amazing and happy 2 plus years with us – certainly not long enough. BUT she changed my life forever and will ALWAYS have me totally wrapped around her big hoof!!

Sincerest 'THANKS' to ALL the Heartland family, Claudia's family and friends, special thanks to Allison, Rachel, and Rachel from the Port Perry Vet who went WELL BEYOND any call of duty and devoted so much 'personal' time, attention, and focus on doing everything possible to get her better and in the end keep her comfortable and happy. And especially to 'daddy Paul'.

Luv ya my ' Big Baby Girl… always!