To Our Heartland Family and Friends

It is with a heavy heart and shattered soul that I have to announce that Eddie… “Mr. Ed”, my best equine friend… passed away this morning. Eddie, approximately 28 years young and the patriarch of the Heartland herd, was our senior ‘riding instructor’ who in his wonderful life helped to train dozens if not hundreds of riders, young and old, in the Whitby & Durham region. He naturally could solve almost any problem, instinctively calm the most nervous rider, and happily help build up anyone’s confidence. Mr. Ed oversaw and looked after HIS equine family, gave the best back rubs, talently nodded “YES” at every opportunity – especially for treats, just loved with all his heart and ‘spoke’ his love clearly through his big, beautiful, brown eyes.


Even at his passing he looked up at me with his crinkled eyes as if to say “Are you all right Mom?”

There will never ever be another Eddie. For all those who loved Eddie as I did, please know that he did not suffer. His passing was swift. He is now in the Great Pasture Beyond eating all the snacks and treats he ever wanted (you know Eddie), and no longer suffering or in any pain from the arthritis, stiff joints, and sore hooves that bothered him in recent months.

I honestly take comfort in knowing that he is now galloping at full charge through endless green fields, proud tail up and flowing, Arab ears tall and forward, leading his girlfriend Claudia and all who went before him on the hack of their lives.

Eddie lived an amazing life – EVERYONE loved Eddie, and I know he knew it.

If love and tears could bring him back, he’d be in his warm stall tonight!


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  1. Dear Debbie, we are so sorry to hear of Eddie’s passing.  Our hearts are very heavy from this news. I know you are trying to be strong for your Heartland Family but I also know that Eddie was your favourite four legged friend.  Mom’s are not suppose to have favourites but at times we can’t help ourselves! It was his personality that made him so special and endeared all of us to him. Thank you for leaving us with the thoughts of Eddie and Claudia galloping together on the hack of their lives.  That makes my heart smile! 
    Love your friends always,
    Katie and Cindy

  2. I too, loved Eddie and I can’t forget how he would nod his head “yes” when I asked him if he wanted to share my apple. My Mom has a video of Eddie begging for my apple by nodding his head.  I will miss Eddie every time I come to feed the horses and his nodding whenever I asked him a question (with food in my hand). I hope you are running around in the green pastures and eating all the apples from the apple trees.

  3. I’m so sorry Debbie to hear about Eddie. I rode him many times at Highpoint and fell in love with him at first sight. I am heart broken. Looking through the photos of him and I at shows and the barn, takes me back to such wonderful memories that I will cherish for eternity. 
    I came by Heartland in November 2012, finding out from a friend that he was there. We came up the driveway and my heart started pounding with excitement. Getting out of the car we see a man heading into the bar. We ask if there was a horse named Eddie here. When he said yes I got so excited that I almost cried then and there. Going through the barn with the man introducing us to the horses in their stalls, he said Eddie might be in the arena. So, we head over and there he was with his head down relaxed after a nice ride. I wasn’t sure it was him until I said his name out load. His head popped up and those wonderful ears gave my the most wonderful feeling, letting me know it was definitely him and I started to cry. I’m glad a saw him when I did and took my last ride.

    We will never forget you Eddie, you will always be loved and never forgotten.

    P.S The gentleman that was so kind to show us around, I can’t remember his name, but he took some photos of Eddie and I that day. I don’t know if they were posted here. But, was wondering if he still had them, can you send them to me if he does? Thank you!

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